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I’m a serial online entrepreneur, personal development fanatic, blogger, father, runner, tanguero, dreamer, risk taker. I also think happiness is a process, not a goal.

This is my blog. A place where I experiment, share, follow and implement all sort of crazy things.

My only two qualities are curiosity and stubbornness. Those two combined made me undertake some crazy goals into my life, like starting an online publishing company from scratch – and selling it 9 years later. Or running marathons. Or learning – and then teaching argentine tango.

Sometimes I go overboard, hence, the “screwing up” part in the headline of this blog. But most of my time is consumed in the “living a better life” area.

On this blog you can read for free more than 650 self-improvement articles. I mostly write about

When I’m not working – most of the time in a coffee shop, probably – I travel, dance tango or hang out with wonderful people. If you want to work with me, (I can act as a coach or consultant), go ahead. If you want to just stay in touch with what I write, subscribe to the RSS feed.




My latest book, Being A Digital Nomad, talks about my current lifestyle for the last 4 years. Working from coffee shops, traveling and being constructively free. Get it on Amazon if you want to know if this really works. And if it really fits your own lifestyle.

Also, check out my other books here (some of them even translated into Korean).

Online Courses

Goal Setting 101 is my course on Udemy. In over 2 hours of video content it shows you how to implement a simple, yet powerful framework, called Assess, Decide, Do. Learn to create daring, yet precise goals and what to do to actually reach them.

The course is live on Udemy (coupon code “dragosblog” for a treat).

Live Events

Open Connect is a live event I’m organizing each Thursday in my “office” (a Starbucks, that is) which connects entrepreneurs, developers or just passionate people. If it’s Thursday morning then you can see it live on the box above.

Go here if you want to know more about the community (Romanian content).


Productivity Tools


I was big fan of Getting Things Done (and wrote about it extensively) until I decided to create my own productivity framework, called Assess, Decide, Do. It starts from the fact that we, as human beings, are performing in only 3 main “realms”. In the first one, Assess, we evaluate, get feedback,. daydream or even procrastinate. In the second one, Decide, we plan, we project and “sign the contract” with the tasks or projects we want to get done. And in “Do”, well, we just do it.

There is a book, called “Assess, Decide, Do – Natural Productivity“, available as a PDF, printed on Amazon or as an iBook, if you want to know more. Also, I created my own iPhone / iPad app on top of this framework, called iADD, you can find it here: iAdd.



I Coded / Created

  • Open Connect - THE networking event for entrepreneurs.
  • WPSumo - the utlimate WordPress framework. This very blog is proudly built on it.
  • iAdd - time and task management on iOS (iPhone / iPod / iPad) using the Assess - Decide - Do framework

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