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Ok, so you're here. Good.

It means you’re at least curious. I like that. Curiosity is a healthy habit.

I’m not gonna waste your time: I wanted you to see this page because I created a journey that will carry you to some of the most incredible places in a world you never knew it existed: your world 🙂

That sounded complicated. What's this, actually?

After 15 years of entrepreneurship, 8 years of blogging, a few marathons and ultra-marathons (including a 220km race), more than 5000 hours of hosting live networking events, and many other crazy experiences, I decided to create an online course with 100 videos, spread over almost 6 months.

Exactly. 100 Videos.  Almost 6 months.

Got it, you're nuts. Already knew that. But what's in it for me?

Glad you asked. This challenge (because it’s more than a course, it’s a challenge and I’m aware of that) is about self-transformation. About creating a better version of yourself in all the areas of your life that matter: from self-confidence to relationships, from better health to more opportunities, from self-discipline to authentic emtional expression.

This course is not for the feint or feeble. It will require a lot of patience and endurance. It will put pressure on your life as it is right now, and it will be a good pressure, because it will create a new life. Hopefully, better than the one you’re living now.

If you want to know more, and you think you have the courage to be exposed to some challenging stuff, sign up for free below:

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Let's say I'm in. How does this work?

You will receive the first 10 videos for free, no strings attached. Just to see if you’re up to it. You have no obligation, no credit card details, nothing. Just get the videos, the assignments, the resources and try to do something with your life.

After the first 10 videos I’m gonna send you the link for the rest of 90 videos, along with the buying link, and you’ll have the option to pay in 6 monthly installments or all at once.

That’s it. As simple as that. No upfront fees.

Speaking of fees. How much is it?

From the moment you start to pay, there will be either 6 monthly payments of $99, or one big payment of $499.

Needless to say, the $499 option is better. But it’s up to you.

Oh, one more thing...

This course has a limited number of students. Like I said, it’s not for the usual self-improvement junkie, who likes all the motivational posters on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (I know it’s not you, I’m just saying).

This is serious. And if you’re serious about your own life, you should ponder carefully this opportunity. It’s something I never done before, something that includes hundreds of hours of work and documenting dozens of life experiments.

So, be very mindful if you’re putting your email into that box below, you may actually change your life.

For the better.

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Why do you want to join the challenge?

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