100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 75. Create Value

Make things that others need too. Make something useful. Don’t follow blind or outdated commitments, go for what really makes a change around you. Creating value is the core of your activity here and the only thing that generates true happiness.

Creating value is sometimes a simple matter of looking around and observing the needs of others. And sometimes it’s just the thing you do best. Whatever the case, providing genuine value will give you more power and well being than you think.

The consumerist mindset of the modern society is often misunderstood: in order to consume something, somebody else must create that thing first. It’s deeper than you think. In other words: it’s great to enjoy stuff, but don’t forget to create your share in the first place.

Do something useful with your life. Don’t let it vanish away. 

The Super Fast Guide On How To Create Value

Look around. Find somebody in need. Do something for that person.

That’s all there is to it.

That’s all you have to do to create value. That’s the blueprint for every value generating process, being it a service for a friend, or the foundation for the next multi billion-dollar company. Observe what’s happening around you, identify a need and fulfill that need. It’s a simple as that.

But beyond this simple description there’s a much richer experience. Simplicity is often the most difficult state to attain. There’s magic in true simplicity, there’s balance and harmony.

In order to get to that level of simplicity you gotta do all the steps correctly.

Observing people should be a transparent process. To be able to see people how they are and not how you project your own images onto them, well, that’s a very hard to acquire skill. Try to look at them exactly as they are. Accept them. Accept their needs, as weird as they may seem to you.

Then, once you’re convinced you found a need, see if you are the best to fulfill it. Maybe they can get the same thing from somebody else. Maybe there’s somebody more skilled than you. In this case, the fulfilling of the need would be to recommend that guy. Step back and let somebody else do the job. You still create value if you do this.

But suppose you are the one who can fulfill the need. Then do whatever it takes to make it happen. Go all the way. Put everything you know, all your energy and experience and skill. Don’t stop half way, waiting for reward. It doesn’t work that way. Value is not measured by reward, it’s measured by impact. Reward may come in many forms, related or not related directly to what you did.

And then, after you did what you had to do, there’s one more step: measure. Look at the impact you had. Ask around, evaluate, measure the impact somehow. See if the person is really better than before. Too often we think we’re helpful, but, somehow, after we help somebody we find him or her in a much worse state than before. Take the time to assess what you did. It’s good for the beneficiary of your actions, but it’s also good for you, because you’ll calibrate yourself.

Then start again.

Look around. Find somebody in need. Do something for that person.

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