100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 91. Change Your Beliefs

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Your beliefs are not you. But they are shaping your life constantly. You have the power to change them at any point in your existence. But in order to do that, you must first start to observe them, to isolate them, to accept them.

Almost anything around you is a direct result of your beliefs. If one of your beliefs is you’re not good enough, you’re probably having a dull and limiting job. If you truly believe you’re not lucky in love, you’re probably alone.

We build our behavior based on our beliefs. Some of them are so deep down rooted in our unconscious mind that we don’t even acknowledge them. We’re just following our impulses, because “we feel like”.

You can change your beliefs. Remember, your world is obeying your beliefs so be careful what you believe in. It will happen.

What’s Happening When You Change Your Beliefs

If you have the smallest interest in personal development, then you visited the “change your beliefs” topic at least once. Just googling this topic should reveal tens of millions of links (assuming that you’re not reading this article after one of these searches 🙂 ). So, there’s a huge interest around this thing.

And for a good reason.

Beliefs are reinforcing our reality. When you tell to yourself something like: “I believe that this project will be difficult”, you’re reinforcing the potential difficulty of that project. The second you’re unfolding those thoughts, the second you’re start synapsing, unconsciously you’re preparing yourself for what you’re thinking, you put yourself in a state that is congruent with what you’re thinking. You cannot function otherwise. This is how we’re built. Your brain starts sending signals to your body instantly and we’ll see down the road why this is a good thing.

Let’s have the following example. Let’s say you’re walking down the sidewalk and you want to cross the road. You look around for potential cars passing by. Suppose you see a car coming, pretty fast. Well, the moment you see the possibility of colliding with that car, you’re telling to your brain: “this is going to be dangerous, I’d better step back”. Without even realizing you’re doing it, your muscles are hardening, the suprarenal gland is starting to unload adrenaline, your breathing accelerate (because you prepare for a run and your body needs more oxygen all of a sudden) and you lower your posture (because it makes it easier to have a fast start). You do this unconsciously. It’s built in, it’s part of who you are.

Keep in mind that nothing happened yet, you didn’t have any contact with the car.

You do all those things because of something you said to yourself. You generated an incredibly complex reaction into your body just by thinking at something.

That reaction is a very good thing. This instantaneous connection between your brain and your body, this is a wonderful evolutionary achievement. Billions of years of trial and error led us here. We should keep this going. I don’t think that this brain-body link should be ever broken.

What we should break down to pieces – and then reconstruct and adjust – is the text that we’re reading to ourselves. Because the whole mechanism is working, the machine will do exactly what we’re telling it to do, all the parts are functioning perfectly. We’re a beautiful work of art.

Unfortunately, even a beautiful machinery can be used to hurt itself, to hurt other machineries, to create harm or to destroy. Because it’s not the machinery itself – deep down, a machinery is just a collection of processes, it’s basically empty. What makes the whole thing working is the script that the machinery implements. The software.

And for us, humans, this software is nothing but a collection of beliefs.

Just like we believe that colliding with a car will be very unpleasant, we can believe that a project will be difficult. We didn’t have any contact with the project yet. We just think that. And voila: our brain-body link will function flawlessly. We’ll put ourselves in a state congruent with that belief.

And it works for everything, each and every belief that we have will put ourselves in a state congruent with that belief. If we believe love is hard to find, well, we’ll be put in such a state that love will really be hard to find.

And if we believe that love is easy to be found, will put ourselves in such a state that love will be really easy to find.

Do you believe me?

1 thought on “100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 91. Change Your Beliefs”

  1. I really love the way that you created this 100 ways to build a better life blog! That’s really awesome!

    But this article really resonated with me because it shows us that what we think and believe will illicit a response from not only our bodies but in the environment around us. Oftentimes our beliefs hold us back from growing because we hold on to them for dear life and fight to protect them.

    But they should not define who we are, we need to make sure our beliefs are in alignment with our true self and that it is taking us in the right direction. But unfortunately most people go through their whole lives and never even attempt to question their beliefs. They remain stagnant, hold on to what is familiar to them and never grow as a person.


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