AGLOCO – who owns the Internet?

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AGLOCO seems to be one of the biggest buzzwords these days on the Internet, if not the biggest. AGLOCO has a very interesting approach in creating a community, monetizing it, and keep it together. These are they key principles in succeeding on the Internet, by the way: create a strong community, find a way to make money out of it, and then find whatever ways you can to keep that community together.

AGLOCO wants to, basically, pay you for browsing the internet. But on top of that, they created a referral community (much like MLM works, or affiliates networks) and you can earn by leveraging your community resources. They actually started with the community, and the real product that measures the time spent on the internet is not launched yet. Another very interesting approach, I must admit, and they are not the only ones to do that. One very hyped online GTD application, Scrybe, has started the same way, building a beta testers comunity, and then releasing the actual product. Which, by the way, they didn’t yet launched, as far as I know.

My experience with MLM’s is a mixed one. From time to time, there were persons in my life that approached me with MLM communities. I started by being a convinced opponent of this type of commerce, and then, year by year, my position relaxed a bit. I even participated in a MLM related to cars, 6-7 years ago, and this is how i bought my first car, a Skoda Fabia. I changed several cars since then, but the first one was bought by a MLM. After completely paying the car, I interrupted my participation in that network. Several other MLM’s approached to me, by various persons since then, but I never restarted seriously my participation. And none of them was internet-based, as is AGLOCO.

Now, I am a relaxed observer of the MLM phenomenon, and AGLOCO is one of the MLM’s I observe. Obviously I created an account with them, and, of course, if you feel like joining my AGLOCO referral community will be benficial for you, please do it (that’s a referral link). I will closely watch what the viewbar offers, and, by reading other bloggers posts, like Darren Rowse from, and John Chow, from, it seems that the viewbar, the actual tool that you will use to create value (hours of surfing the interent), seems like an interesting product.

As things will progress with AGLOCO I will post more and more related stuff. Until then, feel free to give it a try (another referral link, of course :-) ).

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7 Responses to AGLOCO – who owns the Internet?

  • If I may say so: The ads are much better at the end of the post! This way they do not get in the way of reading the whole post! ;-)

    It is also more logical: no one wants to click on an ad link and navigating away before reading the post!

  • OK, got it. As you may already thought of, I just experience with various way to integrate ads into this blog. There are many tehcniques that I tried so far, and some of them worked. The reason of having that 250×250 adsense square in the beginning is that it performed well so far. But having the ads at the end of the post seems also like a logical idea.

    So far, I was only worked at the template level, modifying several wordpress files, but for several days I started to use theAdsense-Deluxe plugin, which basically allows placement of the ads dynamically in each post. I think I will stay with it after a trial period, seems more flexible.

    Thanks for sharing your opinions :-) .

  • I also joined algoco few days back and able to reffer more than 200 members…. i like the concept, but still have doubt on it…. also i have question regading the payment option. How will they pay the money to its member as they didnt ask for adress or any A/C number while joining ALGOCO.. please mail me if anyone has some idea…

    Thanks in Advance.

  • :-)

    It is the opinion of the power clickers which matters! ;-)

  • Couldn’t agree more with that ;-)

  • I signed with Agloco on November 23rd, so I can say I was amongst the first members. Yet, today I have only 25 members in my network, most of them being direct referrals. My referrals subscribed and then slept on it, they did not follow up. Most of the people who published their network statistics on internet have much more referrals in the second line than they have in the first line. It seems like I managed to recruit only people who hate MLM. Would it be perhaps because I also hate MLM?

  • That might be one explanation. MLM it’s a thing that must be learned and practiced as any other business, I suppose. I don’t expect much from my AGLOCO signup, still have no referral so far, but I do observe this thing closely. It can be a great source for learnign after all…

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