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Blog Alive. Why?

I managed to start this blog. Today, December 13-th, 2006. Finally. I already have my Romanian blog at, and that place should be enough for my daily – or maybe weekly ? – thoughts, impressions, opinions or comments about everything that comes through my minds. But, apparently, it isn’t.

I needed this blog in order to communicate with another category of potential readers. A category that doesn’t give much about my entrepreneur status, or my manager status, or my position and role on the Romanian Internet market. A category that is just interested about stuff like programming, productivity or even somebody else’s random thoughts and might be curious about what a guy born and raised in Romania, like me, can write on these topics.

Oh, and also: I did this blog for myself. It’s just another way to say something. And diversity is always a good thing.

The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

In a dystopian world driven by incessant hunting for attention, a few characters are embarking on a journey of discovery. Pushed forward by ambitions or just curiosity, they will eventually discover that life, as they knew it, was simply a cover for a much deeper, sometimes elusive, order.
If you want to know how their journey unfolds, check out my first science-fiction book on Amazon. Click the link below or the cover on the left.

The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

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  1. It’s so very cool to visit someone’s first post. As a newbie blogger, I have so much to learn and so far to go/grow. It’s inspiring to see what you’ve created with your hard work and persistence, Dragos. Kudos and thanks!

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