Fear versus Hunger

fear versus hunger

2020 was the Fear year. 2021 might be the Hunger year. I’m very well aware that this is an awful oversimplification, but still, I think there’s value in exploring a little bit this path. 2020 was the year in which, for weeks, all airplanes on the planet were grounded and the sky was free from … Read more

Flavors Of Courage

flavors of courage

The first image that comes to your head when you try to define courage?… Probably something fiery, audacious and bold. Something active. Something spectacular. To a certain extent, this image is very true. Courage is, most of the time, a daring jump in front of danger. But, as with all things in life, there are … Read more

Processing Failure

processing failure

There is a certain point in life where you will understand that some sort of failure, at some level, is unavoidable. Whether we’re talking about losing someone dear (it will happen at some point, because we’re all just tourists in this world, anyway) or about losing some thing we’re attached to, like a house or … Read more