7 Gifts I Got From My 7 Year Old Daughter

Today, Bianca, my daughter, is turning seven. First, and foremost: happy birthday, Bianca, may you live a blessed life, just like you blessed and enriched beyond measure the life of your parents. Each year, on Bianca’s birthday, I used to write an article about some of the things I learned from her. And boy, I … Read more 7 Gifts I Got From My 7 Year Old Daughter

WPSumo March Promo Codes

As many of you know, one of the businesses I’m building is about WordPress themes and it lives under the name of WPSumo. I call this WPSumo mega-theme (because it’s a mega-theme) a framework, because it gives much more functionality than just a plain theme. As a matter of fact, WPSumo is in itself a … Read more WPSumo March Promo Codes

My Top 100 Self-Improvement Posts

At the moment of writing this post, there are more than 650 articles on this blog. Some of them are about business, some of them are about digital nomading, but most of them are about self-improvement. As I was looking at the most popular self-improvement posts this morning, I realized there’s quite a difference between … Read more My Top 100 Self-Improvement Posts

WPSumo August Promo Code

It’s been an unusually hot summer here this year. So hot, that I could barely keep my head around my work. There was always this gentle temptation to leave everything behind and let somebody else do my job. But I couldn’t. Part of it was the fact that I enjoy what I do way too … Read more WPSumo August Promo Code

July Freebies And Promotions – 2012 Edition

It’s summer, it’s the middle of the year and everybody thinks at holiday right now. Your truly included. So, instead of exploring some new personal development territories, I decided today to take a break. Explore some other areas of life. Like things you get for free (yes, sometimes you really get things for free) or … Read more July Freebies And Promotions – 2012 Edition