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Suspended Disbelief

One of the perks of running a community is that you get exposed to a lot of new stuff on a regular basis. Over the last year I created – more or less without really wanting it – a community called Open Connect. If you read my blog regularly you already know quite a lot […]

How To Build An Online Community

What follows is a rather detailed breakdown of one of my most rewarding experiences as a digital nomad: namely, creating a real life community behind the Open Connect concept. If you want to know how to transform a personal, enriching experience, into a social experiment, if you love working from coffee shops or if you […]

77 Things To Do Just Because You Can

Every once in a while I get the urge to write a big list blog post, a list of 50, or 77, or even 100 items on some topic. It may be bucket list ideas, or just ways to start fresh. Whatever the topic, I have to tell you that I really enjoy doing these. […]

Lifestyle Connect Bucharest – The Event

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If you don’t have time to scroll to the end of the article (which I highly encourage you to do, though) here’s what will happen at this event: you will meet, connect with, and learn from people who are already enjoying abundant, fulfilling, independent lifestyles they love. Period. Now, let’s take them one t a […]

After The Marathon

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Post by Dragos Roua.


I love playing pool. Like in pool billiards, you know. Back when I was a student, pool was just entering Romania, as a new and somehow exotic pastime. There was an inflation of places where you could learn and play. Even in the student campuses there were at least 4-5 tables, many of them taken […]

I’m Not Doing Much Lately, I Mostly Am

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When people were asking me what I do for a living, I used to give this answer: “Well, I do whatever I can to avoid a 9 to 5 job”. In other words, I used to be an entrepreneur, trying to put my ideas into practice while still being the master of my own time. […]

A Day On The Set

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“Do every day at least on thing that scares the shit out of you.” I think I heard this a thousand times by now. And, to some extent, I’m religiously following it up. Meaning I do try to do every day at least on thing that scares the shit out of me. From this series, […]

Wizardry And Other Kinky Stuff

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When I was a kid, other kids told me that if I manage to keep an egg for 4 years under my armpit I will become a wizard. They told that to me in a low voice and only after I passed a few very difficult trust tests. So, in a way, I was among […]

The Muddy 30 Days Challenge – Second Update

It’s been 15 days since I started a 30 days challenge involving some serious changes in my habits, both physical and emotional. If you want to know more about it, have a look at the first post describing it. So, what’s new? First of all, I logged each day in my journal, and that, in […]

I Don’t Fit In My Shoes Anymore

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The other day I took on a pair of shoes I didn’t wear for at least 2 years. It was a pair of sport shoes, not quite suitable for running, but still pretty much wearable on a spring / summer day. Then I took my regular walk, going to the park where I usually run. […]

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