The Devil You Know is NOT Better Than The Devil You Don’t Know

This is a guest post by Anthony Miranda.

You probably have heard the old saying that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know but Is the devil you know really better?

I don’t think so, you admitting that you have a devil is admitting that you’re in hell. Read that again, you are already in hell; you are already in pain. Get out of hell and create your heaven.

I understand the wisdom of the phrase when comparing two pretty much equally crappy situations. I get that. It’s just not a blanket template for every situation.

The devil you know is NOT better than a situation or thing you don’t know about, in other words the unknown and where uncertainty lies. You may be scared of it because you don’t know what’s there.

Yes, there might be another devil there so why switch a devil I’m already familiar with and have learned to live with for one I haven’t and that might be the similar or worse?

Because you don’t even know if there’s really a devil there. If there’s a devil and hell then there is it’s opposite and it’s definitely not where you are, so that means it is hidden somewhere in that unknown. The only way to get it is by leaving hell and stepping into uncertainty. If your devil and hell are your job then that doesn’t mean you have to quit right away and risk not being able to pay your bills.

Do start looking, applying and interviewing for other jobs, better jobs. Apply for jobs with more benefits, better pay, or more career advancement opportunities. Better environment, etc..and start working on improving your skills to be able to get better jobs.

You can start learning more about creating second strings of income and spend one hour everyday on building that. Bit by bit you will build it.

You see, that little extra step is already taking you out of hell because the devil you know is not better. Though most people settle out of fear. Out of comfort in the known and fear of the unknown. Yet, everything else we want is in the unknown.  

You have to be willing to step out of this comfort zone and step into things you may have never done, don’t know about, and start taking steps towards knowing more about them and getting comfortable there. That’s how you grow. That’s how we continue to create a better and more satisfying life for ourselves and create our own heaven on earth.

This mindset will open more doors than “the devil you know” mindset has ever done for you. The mindset with which we live our life, from which we make decisions, and take actions is that important.

Adopt this new mindset of seeking out to know more about those unknown areas outside of your comfort zone, especially if you’re already in pain. If you want more, that’s where you’ll find it.

In uncertainty, outside your comfort zone.

unnamed-4Anthony Miranda is an everyday corporate employee turned entrepreneur by the incredible pull that there was more to life than working in a cubicle. He started a supplement brand which he grew to 6 figures in a few months but then self destroyed it due to a crappy mindset and  everyday employee mentality. He admittedly wasn’t for the success.

He then decided to spend thousands more investing in himself, his mind, beliefs systems, and fundamentals via books, coaching, mentoring, and even working for and/or around Business Leaders and Millionaires like Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk,Mark Cuban, and many more.

 From this he set out to rebuild businesses with the foundation to out live him. He now has made it his mission to help others empower themselves and take control back by helping them develop a successful mindset plus the fundamentals to avoid his mistake and create the life of their dreams.

You can get his FREE guide with 14 techniques and ways you can use to start empowering yourself and take control back TODAY at

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