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Mariner Promo Code – February Edition

I wish I could make this post the shorter post on, but I’m afraid this honor will go to my last one, about how to be a great blogger, with only 17 words. Nevertheless, I’ll keep it as short as I can. So, the Mariner Promo Code for this February 2010, a promo code which will give you an instant 20% discount on all Mariner software, is:


These monthly codes are part of another year long promotion and I’m really happy I was able to set it up with Mariner. You won’t find them anywhere on the Internet, they are exclusive to my blog . Feel free to come up here monthly (or, alternatively, you can subscribe by RSS) to get your mariner promo code for the designated month.

I find this to be a very honest way not only to make money blogging but also to promote quality products. Affiliate marketing is a very crowded world and you have to find ways to stay on top AND to keep your credibility. Promoting only what you use and appreciate would be one of the easiest way to  stay put in this world. As a matter of fact, I have to tell you that I’m using these products for more than 2 years now. One of tehm, MacJournal, being the cornerstone of my blogging activities, with a custom GTD blogging setup. But there are many other products available in Mariner eStore and I kindly invite you to visit it and make your own impression. Every product has a trial version and I’m happy to tell you that this promo code works even on bundles.

So, I don’t know what you’re doing here anymore, you should be at the Mariner eStore, buying whatever you think you’ll need: MacJournal, MacGourmet DeLuxe, Paperless, StoryMill, Write or Calc. The discount works on family packages too. Just so you remember, here’s the code again:


Happy shopping 🙂

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The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

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