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Ebook – How To Build Reputation With Your Blog

Post Series: How To Build Reputation With Your Blog

As promised, here is the ebook based on my last series “How To Build Reputation With Your Blog“. I enjoyed writing the posts in this series and I thought putting them all together would be a nice thing to do. Not to mention the fact that some of you specifically asked to hurry up with the compilation of the ebook, which I gladly did. It contains all the articles in the series, plus a short bonus. Some of you may already know it, if you’re reading my blog constantly, some of you may not. So I’ll leave it open, if you’re curious, go ahead and get it, it’s only $17.99:

Note: initially, this was a free ebook. I decided to charge for it basically because a lot of the content has been rewritten (it’s only the blog post structure that remains). And because I kept a bit of the “free” flavor for it, this time in your favor: you can still redistribute the ebook as long as you follow this 3 simple rules:

  1. don’t charge for it
  2. don’t modify its content in any way
  3. don’t take credit for it 😉

Otherwise, feel free to spread it along.

If you still wonder why you need to build reputation, I have only one question for you: what’s the only thing that can stand out for you, when you’re not around, physically? Like I already told you, it’s not your bank account, or your name. It’s your reputation. And we all know how complicated this reputation thing can be. So, even if you’re not into blogging, but you need to understand a little bit about what reputation is and it can be beneficial for you, I think you should get this book.

The last chapter of the ebook (not include in the public series, by the way), is about the 7 traits of highly successful bloggers. Imagine that 🙂

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The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

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  1. Oops, you did it again! Congratulations, Dragos and especially thank you for all the kind (and useful!) work you do for the (worldwide) community, in fact.

  2. I really appreciated this series, and I’m definitely downloading the ebook and saving it for later.

    I’m still (even after a year, sigh) in the start-up phase of my blog and some series like these can be a little overwhelming. Then it is really nice to be able to download it and save it so I can go through and follow up on all the advice, step by step!

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the ebook, Dragos! Came across the offering via Twitter today and got a chance to read it over. Awesome information and very motivating as well, thank you again for your efforts and generosity!

  4. Dragos, next to free beer, a free eBook may be the most awesome thing ever. I recently learned that Russia has 9 time zones in it, that means 9 happy hours on any given day. That is completely awesome.

    I know that has nothing to do with the post, but I thought since you mentioned free beer, I would mention that. Cheers my friend!

  5. […] and themes for blog posts. Concerning this, I suggest you to download this free e-book ‘How to build reputation with your blog” by Dragos Roua. I am sure it will bring you inspiration and new ideas how to create a […]

  6. Excellent e-book. I plan on highlighting the points in a post and offering the full e-book to download. I am definitely taking a look at the rest of your site.


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