Introducing My Ebook – 30 Sentences For A Millionaire Mindset


The time has come: ladies and gents, introducing my first ebook. The name is “30 Sentences For A Millionaire Mindset” and it’s based on a series of posts I wrote almost a year ago on this very blog.

The title is self-explanatory, but what you may not know, is that a millionaire mindset is not always translating into a million dollars in the bank. Or so I strongly think.

A millionaire mindset is a mindset of abundance in all areas. Not only money. A mindset of resourcefullness and efficiency. A mindset of fulfillment and enjoyment. A millionaire mindset is not limited to your available cash and I have to tell you that this somehow twisted approach (defining money without numbers) worked really well for me.

Such a mindset is not a secret. It’s not difficult to attain also. It’s within your reach. It surely was within my reach and I’m not very different from you.

Why Buying It?

I always had a great respect for my readers. I appreciate their time and their contribution here. With that in mind, I won’t insult you with a commercial presentation filled with shallow buying incentives. If you know my blog, if you trust my writing, then you will buy the book, I have no doubt about that. So, for those already eager to get to the goodies, just go ahead, click on the “Buy Now” button and you’ll be taken to PayPal. The price for the whole package (because it’s a package, not just a book) is 27 USD.

Keep Things Simple

Before launching launching the book, I gave it to a close circle of friends and fellow bloggers. The initial reaction was a short and honest “a-ha”. It’s not rocket science, they said. Yes, it’s not, I responded.

Rocket science would take you to the moon, which is not at all my intention. My book is intended to keep you grounded and effective. It’s not philosophy, although parts of it are rooted in my own life management framework. It’s not costly also, there is no financial investment you should do upfront (other than the cost of the book, of course). All you have to do is to read one sentence per day, assess the results daily and draw a line after 30 days.

What You Get

The ebook has a simple structure. Each chapter is based on one sentence (hence you will be buying a 30 chapters ebook) and each chapter features the original blog post excerpt followed by an in-depth explanation of the sentence. After each chapter there is a practical zone in which you can apply some simple Assess-Decide-Do techniques in order to better understand and implement the flow of each sentence.

But, while I was working on these practical zones I realized there isn’t much information about ADD (Assess- Decide-Do, my life management framework) in the ebook. So, I decided to write a very short booklet about the core principles of ADD. And that, of course, is the first bonus you get when you buy the ebook. You will better understand concepts like Focus or Flow and how they fit in the big picture.

After the first draft things were starting to shape pretty well. But I confess there was still something floating around and it took me a while to understand what it was. I said in the beginning this ebook is no rocket science. So, it must be something practical. Something really useful. At that point, the idea of an assessment booklet, containing an evaluation form for each chapter came naturally.

So, here you are: an ebook, a crash course in ADD and an evaluation booklet.

How To Read It

If you really want to get the best out of it, you should read the book one chapter per day. It’s not that is difficult to read, on the contrary, the chapters are short and the ADD area is really simple. After each day you could write in the assessment booklet your conclusions. Do it for 30 days. It won’t take more than 20 minutes per day. At most. And then come back to the assessment booklet and see where you were when you started it.

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Introducing My Ebook – 30 Sentences For A Millionaire Mindset”

  1. Cool… I will have to check it out…
    .-= Jonathan |´s last blog ..Enchanting Autumn incantations of sublime seasonal change =-.

  2. Hello Dragos, this is fantastic – that you produced an e-book. I need to do the same thing. I purchased your book, but of course haven’t started it yet. I too was first taken aback by the title. I thought I was only going to get 30 sentences. You might try 30 days to… Or 30 principles for…

    Anyway I love you blog and I can’t wait to start the book. Thanks.
    .-= Stephen – Rat Race Trap´s last blog ..How to Create Happiness Enhancing Goals =-.

  3. I think you should have picked a different title, as a lot of people will not pay 1 dollar per sentence, otherwise good luck with your book and that it will sell like freshly sliced bread, even though you don’t eat bread 🙂
    .-= smashill´s last blog ..There is water on mars =-.

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