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Mariner Promo Code – July Edition

It’s the time of the month, meaning the first day. During the first day of the month we’re releasing the corresponding Mariner Promo Code. For those of you who are here for the first time, let me tell you what this promo code is. Almost two years ago I started a promotion with Mariner, one of the oldest and most respected Apple software producers, using a special promo code each month. That promo code should be used in their estore and by using it you get an instant 20% discount for ANY software in the estore.

For those of you eager to get started, here’s the July 2010 Mariner Promo Code:


Now, let’s talk a little bit about the “why” and “how” of this promotion.

First, the “why”. I did this because I decided to completely rewrite my monetization “scripts”. I mean, I’ve been doing online business for more than 10 years and I know that advertising enough is not a sustainable way to make money form a blog. So, I created and implemented this affiliate promotion in order to support my blog. It’s that simple. Now, the interesting part is that I’m not doing this blindly, picking up affiliate deals randomly and adding them to my blog, hoping that someone will click on the link, buy and make me rich. Nope. It doesn’t work like this.

I’m advertising only products I’m using. Products that I’m satisfied with. And I’m not using only Mariner, although I have a long history of success with Mariner products. Just go ahead an read those posts (which proved to be one of the most popular blog posts too):

As for other products I’m using (and actively promoting), you can have a look at Scribe SEO (used to enhance my SEO factor on this very post too, by the way 😉 ) and Lumosity (they produce a very interesting series of brain games).

Right now. just a little bit about the “how”: all you have to do is to go Mariner eStore and add this promo code in the designated field. You’ll see all the prices updated with the discount. And just in case you missed the promo code for the first time, here it is again:


Happy shopping!

Running For My Life - from zero to ultramarathoner

The spooky thing about depression is that it sneaks in. There aren’t really trumpets and loud voices announcing: “Hail, hail, this is depression entering the room, all rise!” Nope. It’s slow, silent, creepy. It doesn’t even look like depression. It starts with small isolation thoughts like: “Maybe I shouldn’t get out today, I just don’t feel like going out”. And then it does the same next day. And then the day after that and so on. And then it starts to whisper louder and louder in your ears: “Why would you go outside, you loser? Didn’t have enough yet? Want more people to make fun of how much of a big, fat loser you are?”

And then you start to breath in guilt and shame, instead of air. Every breathe you take is putting more dark thoughts into your body.

Until you get stuck. You can’t move anymore. At all.

If you want to know how I got out of this space, eventually, check out my latest book on Amazon and Kindle.

Running For My Life -from zero to ultramarathoner

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