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October Mariner Promo Code

This post will most likely be in a very good position in a potential competition for “the shortest post in this blog”. And there’s a reason for that. You already know about the year long promotion I’m doing with Mariner Software, the producer of the excellent MacJournal, my blogging and journaling application of choice. So all I’m going to do is to tell you out loud the code and give you the link for the store.

The Mariner promo code for October 2009 is:


So, be sure to check out Mariner eStore and put this promo code in the designated field. The code will give you an instant 15% discount for any item you purchase from Mariner eStore. Happy shopping 🙂

The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

In a dystopian world driven by incessant hunting for attention, a few characters are embarking on a journey of discovery. Pushed forward by ambitions or just curiosity, they will eventually discover that life, as they knew it, was simply a cover for a much deeper, sometimes elusive, order.
If you want to know how their journey unfolds, check out my first science-fiction book on Amazon. Click the link below or the cover on the left.

The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

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  1. […] I do all my writing using MacJournal. I already extensively wrote about MacJournal here, and if you’re interested in more details you can always check the post about power blogging with macjournal, GTS style. I use MacJournal not only for blogging but also for writing ebooks. There is a post which details my ebook writing setup, if you’re curious. MacJournal is also offered with a significant discount to eDragonu users, so feel free to check the monthly MacJournal promotion. […]

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