Travel Means Freedom – The Ebook

Almost a year ago, as part of my 3 businesses / year goal, I got involved with an interesting project called WeGetThere. The basic idea behind this project is crowdfunding. Specifically, they wanted to create a platform to help people travel and they wanted to achieve that by crowdfunding. You want to go to Africa? Just create a project and other people will give you money to do just that. It sounds crazy, but it isn’t. It’s the same way Kickstarter works and Kickastarter does work. A few weeks ago, they canged their name to Golibre.

I chose to be only an adviser in this venture, not taking on any operational activities. It kinda started really slow, but I did my best to offer the best advice I could to the guys involved. After all, nobody is born with the ability to run a business, these things can be learned. To make a long story short, after a few conversations related to how to attract money (the number one problem of an online business) we created a common project, under the form of an ebook. In other words, we implemented an equally crazy idea: a crowdwritten ebook. The funds generated by the sale are meant to support their main business, which is the Golibre website.

I’m thrilled to announce in this post that they succeeded. They created a book written by 111 authors, in order to fund their venture. That in itself is a big success.

So, if you like the idea of “travel means freedom”, if you want to read a travel book written by 111 authors, or if you simply want to help the charity:water, project (because that’s where all my commissions are going), then just go ahead and buy this book. You won’t regret it.


Running For My Life - from zero to ultramarathoner

The spooky thing about depression is that it sneaks in. There aren’t really trumpets and loud voices announcing: “Hail, hail, this is depression entering the room, all rise!” Nope. It’s slow, silent, creepy. It doesn’t even look like depression. It starts with small isolation thoughts like: “Maybe I shouldn’t get out today, I just don’t feel like going out”. And then it does the same next day. And then the day after that and so on. And then it starts to whisper louder and louder in your ears: “Why would you go outside, you loser? Didn’t have enough yet? Want more people to make fun of how much of a big, fat loser you are?”

And then you start to breath in guilt and shame, instead of air. Every breathe you take is putting more dark thoughts into your body.

Until you get stuck. You can’t move anymore. At all.

If you want to know how I got out of this space, eventually, check out my latest book on Amazon and Kindle.

Running For My Life -from zero to ultramarathoner

Dragos Roua

The guy who started all this. Entrepreneur, ultra-marathoner, tanguero, father and risk taker. I’m blogging here, but I also spend a lot of time in this marvelous space.. You’re invited, by the way.

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  1. 111 authors? WOW … Reminds me of the “chicken soup” series by Jack Canfield where he basically get’s people’s stories on paper and then publishes them… love it ! I can’t wait for the platform to launch as I love to travel and I would like to see how a crowdfunding concept can be adapted to travel adventures 🙂

  2. I wish this book had been written before I travelled round Australia. Could have done with some more inspiration and tips. I went with very little knowledge and resulted in it costing me £7000

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