[ Video ] Conversations With A Mysterious Partner – Money

The video project started a few weeks ago continues. First of all, I want to thank to all of  you who commented, who sent me feedback and suggestions. As a matter of fact, the topic of this vide – money – was suggested by one of you. So, keep that coming, I’m really curious about what you’re curious about. Give me the topic for the next conversation.

For those who want to have just a glimpse about the video, here’s a bullet list of the main perspectives:

  • money as a form of self-validation – I’m becoming a millionaire because that will make me feel good about myself
  • money as a form of energy – I need money because the energy they contain can manifest pretty much everything at the matter level
  • money as the ultimate form of agreement – There’s no intrinsic value to money, they only get value for the two parts involved in the transaction, which moves the focus from “Me”, to “Us”.

You can find more details in the video, of course.

Just two words, before I leave: we still live in a world where money, like it or not, is very present. Any extreme approach towards this will fail you, in the end. The pursuit of money, in itself, like money itself will contain by itself some sort of intrinsic value that will change our lives for the best will be just as bad as living off the grid completely, alienating yourself by not using money at all. Once again, a middle path may be the most effective approach towards money. Yes, it’s very good to have it and use it consciously, as long as it comes from a meaningful livelihood (and not from cheating or misleading people, for instance). Yes, it’s good to practice moderation, but going too far in this direction, considering money the “root of all evil” and placing ourselves in a state of endless poverty will be simply absurd.

Well, this was my take on the topic. The comments are open now 🙂

3 thoughts on “[ Video ] Conversations With A Mysterious Partner – Money”

  1. Hello Dragos,
    I want to thank you for suggestion’s acceptance. I study Economics, so the “money” topic is crucial for me as a person and as a future worker.
    I found very interesting the second part of your video, the one dedicated to the perspective: “money as a form of energy”.
    If you think about the law of conservation of energy states that:

    ” (…) the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed (…) ”

    If we put together this principle with the other concept, the “money as a tool for transactions” one, we can understand what an ideal business looks like: an interrupted stream of value that flows gently from the business’s owner to the customer on a basis of mutual interest.

    I’ve got another small suggestion for you: I was captured by the painted wall behind your back. Why don’t you use one different scenery (different graphs, infographics and so on…) for every topic you talk about?

    Many thanks for your valuable ideas, Dragos.

    See you soon!

    • Thank you (and I suppose you wanted to say: “an uninterrupted stream of value”, not “an interrupted stream of value”). As for the scenery, yeap, I intend to use another background for each video. Any other suggestions for future topics?

      • I’ve never been that good at writing on my cell phone, but I can consider myself happy because almost 80% of the comment is well written. 😛
        I would suggest you the theme “values in life’ or something like that.
        Another one, a bit more particular, might be your personal view of the Internet, some sort of “Cluetrain Manifesto” by Dragos Roua. 🙂


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