When and why I broke up with… smoking

Yes, you broke up with something too. Broke up with your drinking coffee habit, with your operating system or your old computer. Broke up with an old friend of partner…I think about making this like a serie of posts, all related to the interruption of something I used for a long time. A habit, a software application, a person. It’s very interesting to see when you actually stopped to do something, and why.
It will be pretty interesting also to see how others have broke up with the same pattern or habit.

I will start this serie with an easy one: when and why I broke up with smoking. It was on 17h November 2005. After a party at my company, Mirabilis Media, I felt so miserably the next day, that I instantly decided to quit smoking. And I did. It was an instant decision, fueled by the insanely bad consequences this habit has generated.

I never come back, and I know I will never do this again. I haven’t had any bad moods or other consequences, I didn’t put weight or something. This is a myth, you don’t smoke to lose weight, you smoke by habit. It’s a Pavlov thing, you train yourslef into it. You can train yourself out of it. Almost as easy as you trained yourself into it.

This habit is most likely to be ignited again by your friends and co-workers, by your entourage. Let’s smoke a cigare, let’s have a break. This is almost folklore in my work environment, it’s a very popular gathering reason. If you have enough power and self-confidence to separate the gathering stuff from the smoking habit, you’ll most likely win. If you just associate the gathering with smoking, you’ll lose. I’ve heard that vaping is a good start on quitting smoking that’s why those portable vaporizers are in trend nowadays.

Quiting smoking was very rewarding on a long term, far beyond the health advantages. I had a tremendous increase in self-confidence: I did that, I can also do much difficult stuff. And I also did it very easy…

If you had a similar exprience and want to share it, feel free to comment on that. I am really curious to see how other people broke with their habits.

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7 thoughts on “When and why I broke up with… smoking”

  1. I quit smoking 9 months ago and it happened all of a sudden, just like in your case. I have realised that it was only the habit that I got attached to so deeply, as well as the entourage. But now I can see so clearly what a mass manipulative time and money consuming commodity smoking is. And I do it (not smoking and being against it and expressing it whenever I can) simply because i find it ridiculously stupid to allow yourself to be commodified by those huge society setters who lure you into all kind of unnatural habits, desires and trends. This is a sufficient argument for me not to smoke.

  2. As a smoker I am finding that I am addicted to the act of smoking as much as I am the smoke itself. I crave picking something up, putting it in my mouth, stomping it out. I need to have something to do with my hands and I find myself using cigarettes as “thinking” aids.

    I am hoping that the newest product out will help me with this. They are called vaporizers, have you heard of them? I am going to try them and even wrote a post about them. if you are as addicted to the act of smoking as I am they my help.

    I have also started a simple program to help save other lives by helping buy and distribute vaporizers to other smokers that need or want to quit. People on oxygen that still smoke are d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s and vaporizers can stop or at least greatly reduce people blowing themselves up while on oxygen.
    .-= Richard´s last blog ..Save Your Life, Then Save Another Life… =-.

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