100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 23. Find Reasons To Love Your Life

Maybe life was not fair with you. Yes, I know, I’ve been there: life is never fair. But it’s fantastic. It’s unique, unrepeatable, one of a kind, beautiful, simple, challenging, sweet, hard… Just take a step back and find reasons to love your life.

Love it for your friends or for your “enemies”, love it for the beautiful mornings and wonderful sunsets, for your beloved ones and for the ones you forgot, for all the gifts you made and for all the gifts you are yet to receive.

Love your life for the colors around you, for the beautiful sounds of music, for the meaningful silence and for everything you have to share with others. Love your life for all the stories you haven’t yet heard or told.

Love your life for every single second, as this is all you have, only this infinite second. 

When You Start To Love Your Life

When you get what you want, you say: “life was fair to me”. When you don’t get what you want, you say: “life wasn’t fair to me”.

But sometimes what you want is good, sometimes what you want is bad. On a rainy day, you may wish for the sun. But too much sun will make you wish for the rain. And when you get rain you wish for the sun again.

We spend our lives circling through these extremes. The good of today is the bad of tomorrow and so on and so on and so on, until we wake up one day old and tired and silent, unable to enjoy anything at all.

We wish for something and we cling to that wish until we start to consume all the resources we have just to fulfill that wish. For instance, some people wish for a house with a backyard and a nice porch. They then start to sacrifice years of hard work, they put their health to risk, they withdraw from their friends only to fulfill that wish. And when, after ten or twenty or thirty years they get it, they can’t enjoy it anymore. The very moment they’re entering that new house they don’t wish for it anymore.

All they wish for is more time, or more health or more friends.

We mistake our life with our wishes. We make them blend in an unhealthy cocktail and we drink it day in and day out. And then, when we get the headache, we start to hate life. It’s not the life that is giving us the headache, it’s the cocktail, the deadly mix of constant wishing and whining with the precious gift of being alive. That’s how we end up hating our lives.

If you can stop making that cocktail, something magic will happen. People have various names for this. Illumination. Bliss. Nirvana. I call this “loving your life”.

If you love it deep enough, if you love it with all your heart, somehow, life will love you back.

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