100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 42. Follow A Coincidence

Well, there aren’t any coincidences, I lied. Everything happens for a reason. If you witness something which may seem like a coincidence, then you’re very lucky, you just got a sign. Follow it with all your trust, it will lead you well.

Following coincidences proved to be providential to me many times. Every “glitch” in the matrix is an opportunity, every discontinuity in our flat Universe is in fact a gate to another world. Most of the time, that world is much better than this one.

I’m sure that human consciousness will someday be able to decipher what we now call coincidences. I’m sure that on another level coincidences are just normal signs. You need a lot of trust and a clear mind to identify those signs, but once you did it, don’t stop.

Following a coincidence could be the difference between a good decision and a brilliant decision.

3 Signs You’ll Be Soon Forced To Follow A Coincidence

Like I said, there are no coincidences. But let’s keep this term for the sake of continuity. And because that’s what we usually use when the Universe is telling us we’re stupid.

And by “forced” I mean you will be struck by something so obvious, yet s unexpected that you’ll have no other choice but following that new , scary but somehow refreshing path.

1. You’re Tired Of Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again

I know you know the feeling. You’re so caught in your own vision, in your own dream that you’re hardly noticing what’s going on around. You forgot since when you started to do what you’re doing and feel like you’ve been prisoner in that job, or in that relationship, or in that way of thinking for ever. Every day is the same. Everything unfolds the same. There is this routine that is keeping you glued in the same circle of events day in and day out.

Well, that’s the moment when something very, very strange will happen. It’s like this dull and grey string of actions function as a background, like a fabric on which, suddenly, something so colorful and vivid will be drawn, in a second. That coincidence, that strange thing that will make you stop and ask yourself: “what the hell?” is something that you will need to follow.

2. You’re Over Confident

This is the other end of the scale. The end in which you’re defying all odds and try to win all the battles by yourself. It’s the craziness of “I know it all”, the infatuation of the “my way or the highway”. You may have very good reasons to behave like this – for instance, you may be very well versed in what you do, or you may have great experience, but that’s not enough. Being over confident , avoiding other people opinions, well, that will put you in some very dangerous territory.

And, if you’re lucky enough, you will get out from this territory by following a coincidence. If you’re paying attention, at some point you may see some signs. You may be exposed to some messages. Later on, you’ll be in the position to say: “I could’ve seen this coming”. But you have to pay attention. If you keep yourself aware, this coincidence will be beneficial. If not, it will be just a series of events that will eventually level you down.

3. You’re Ready To Change

But you’re not yet ready to acknowledge it. This is happening when you’re plateauing instead of continuing the climb. When you just stop, knowing that you could push it forward. When you’re afraid of the new and hide in the coziness of the old.

Well, in those moments, there will be something that will ignite the change, that will light the path. And, since you’re not yet ready to acknowledge the need for change, it will be just a coincidence. But one you’ll be happy you followed, later on.

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