100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 6. Get A New Job

Shaking your comfort zone will often create a lot of value in your life. If you’re not satisfied with your job, just get a new one. The pitfall of not having money for a limited period of time is temporary, get over it.

Many people are afraid of switching jobs because all the responsibility associated with the current one: your expertise, your network, maybe a mortgage and other responsibilities. All of these are assets, not liabilities.

You can get a new job because all of these. You can expand your expertise, enlarge your network and pay your mortgage faster. Staying on a same level for too long will not only make you lose opportunities, but it will also bore you to death.

Imagine your new job like a new, wonderful trip. In fact, this is exactly what it is. 

How To Get A New Job

Short version: you don’t get a new job, you create  a new job.

Long version: you’re the sum of all the skills, experiences and informations you’re carrying away with you. And by exchanging these bits and pieces with other people you get back value.

Because of education, we tend to associate the value we receive with money. That’s the context we live in right now, that’s how the world, as we learned to see it, works. But the truth is we’re receiving back energy. Money in itself is a form of energy. So, every time our exchanges are not providing enough energy, we’re not functioning well.

Sometimes it may be that we’re getting the same level of energy for years and our internal system adapted to this. We plateaued. We can’t move forward because we don’t have enough energy but we’re also not going back, because we still have some.

That’s the case with the vast majority of the people in this world. That’s what a “traditional”, 9-to-5 job gives. The necessary amount of energy for survival. But we’re designed for more. Survival is fundamental, of course, and it would be downright stupid to not acknowledge this. But there’s more to life than just survival.

Getting a new job means creating new processes that will increase the level of energy you get. It doesn’t have to be the traditional 9 to 5 job. It doesn’t have to be something that pays you back money. Remember, we equal energy with money because we’ve been taught like this, but that’s not always true. If you ever volunteered for something, you’ll understand what I mean. The energy you get form helping people around you sometimes is better than money.

But there has to be a process and there has to be someone with whom you’re exchanging energy. Keeping yourself in this web of processes is what gives you a “job”.

So, take some time and think again. It doesn’t have to be disruptive, you may start with a little something on the side. Some part time job or volunteering.

Just keep going and stay connected.

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