100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 62. Get A Pet

Whatever works for you, a bird, a guinea pig, a dog or a cat. It will keep you alert and it will cheer you up when you’re down. Taking care of a pet is also easier if you’re overwhelmed with human interaction. Even from a pet, love is still love.

Did that a few times in my life and I remember those times as being more balanced and clear than the rest. Especially the first phases, when I actually adopted the pet and made room for it in my life were very powerful.

A pet will add a new routine in your life, will make you stretch your habits and schedule to fit in. Will move your focus from your day to day chores to a new realm, filled with love and caring.

A pet is a good way to practice your sense of responsibility while enjoying an honest emotional reward. 

What Happens With You And You Get A Pet

My current lifestyle doesn’t allow me anymore to have a pet, I’m moving a lot and if I’m not moving, then I’m always ready for it.  Not a good environment for a pet.

But recently I witnessed again the whole adoption process while visiting my sister. They got a pet, a dog, an Akita Inu, a Japanese breed. When I first met her, (the dog is a “she”) she was just a couple of months old, but she already managed to turn the house upside down.

And I was able to see again the entire process. Here’s what happens to you when you get a pet.

1. You Have To Wake Up Way Early Than Before

This kind of pet – a dog, that is – has certain requirements, like getting walked in the morning. It’s very important for his physical health, and for the general level of hygiene of your house.

2. You’ll Learn To Talk Again

This time in a very different language. You use pretty much the same wording, but with very different tones. You learn to talk to your new pet and you’re expecting reciprocity. Somehow.

3. You’ll Learn New Types Of Foods

Your pet has to eat. Doesn’t matter if the pet is a fish, a dog or a chinchilla. They all have this basic need of being fed. And you have to learn all there is to it, otherwise you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

4. You’ll Learn How To Build A Shelter

Again, doesn’t matter the type of your pet, it will still need its own place. You have to build an aquarium, a cat house, or a dog house. And, of course, you’ll learn how to maintain it, repair it and so on and so forth.

5. You’ll Make New Friends

In time, you’ll learn that your pet is a living being and most of the living beings have this thing in common, called the need to get in touch with each other. So, you will have to reach out and make new friends, or at least interact with people with similar pets in the park.

6. You Will Play More

It’s bound to happen. The bigger part of the interaction with your pet, once you get over the training and education stage, will be, well, playing. You will learn new games, new toys and you will laugh more.

7. You Will Care More

There is a deep need in our lives to be responsible for others. Well, maybe “responsible” is not the best term here, but you cannot deny that we really need to take care of other beings. And having a pet will fulfill that need just beautifully.

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