100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 88. Live It Like A Holiday

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Have you ever noticed how good you feel during your holiday? How light, joyful and authentic? Everything is just wonderful. No pressure, no deadlines, no stress.

Well, what if you could rewire your brain and rethink your entire life, making it a holiday too. One that starts with your birth and ends with your death. And start living it like a holiday.

This separation between work and holiday is something artificial. Just because you committed yourself to do something – your job, in this case – that doesn’t mean you have to take out of the joy from it.

A holiday is a land of possibilities, a journey in an unknown territory, an adventure. Why don’t you live your life like you’re on a continuous holiday? You’re entering this world through your birth and at some point you’ll leave.

Make the best out of this trip. Have fun and enjoy. This is what you are supposed to do, anyway. 

5 Things That Will Change When You Live Your Life Like A Holiday

I’m not saying that you should get rid of your responsibilities, by living your life like a holiday. You still have to take care of stuff, even when you’re on holiday, right? I’m trying to say that living your life like a holiday will take out the pressure of a pre-defined, confining and limiting way of living.

We pay our rent here on Earth by the service we provide to other people. That’s why we have to work – by going to a job or by starting a business, that’s not relevant here. What’s relevant is the pressure that this task is putting on our lives, the burden it creates. Because of this commitment (which is a very healthy and necessary commitment, by the way) we lose flexibility. We lose joy, mystery, passion. Well, that can change. We can provide good service to other people and live a life of freedom at the same time, it’s just a matter of perspective.

I’m not saying that doing this shift is also a very easy thing, on the contrary. But it’s possible. I know I did it, so you can do it too.

And when we do that, here are a few things that will change.

1 You Will Smile More

Every day in a holiday starts with a smile. And that smile ripples through the rest of the day, in many more other smiles. Most often than not, the day also ends with a smile.

It’s just the way with is. During holidays we’re all more eager to smile. Or just find that easier. Whatever the reason, we smile more. So, one of the first consequences of this shift will be more laughter in your life.

2 You Will Enjoy More

Very close to the one above, you will start to enjoy more. Partly because you’re not on a tight schedule anymore, partly because you feel entitled to it. You’re on a holiday, right, that’s what you should do, enjoy stuff.

The seriousness of a job – or a very strong commitment – can become quite toxic in time. Every break we take, every move we make out of this seriousness, will allow us more room to simply enjoy.

3 You Will Be Kinder

During holidays you’re nicer to people, have you notice that? You feel compelled to respond with kindness rather than rejecting interaction. You have no constraints, no pressures, no obligations, so the only option available is to be nice.

The moment you start to live your life like a holiday, kindness will become a habit. A very rewarding habit.

4 You Will Appreciate More

When you know you’re not going to be back to a certain country, or to a certain place, you tend to take more of that place with you, somehow. You tend to appreciate more whatever you get, given that you don’t know if or when you’re going to be back there.

So, every tiny situation, every encounter, every person, every place gets more appreciation. When we know we experience things only once, we appreciate them more.

5 No Regrets

And, eventually, that last thing that will change is your “ability” to regret things. You will simply lose that. When you’re on vacation you simply don’t have time for it anymore.

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