100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 26. Stop Wasting Your Power

Are you doing something you feel like you shouldn’t be doing right now? Well, that’s wasted power. That’s meaningless stuff promoted to the honor of being a part of your life. How long are you going to approve this? Why wasting power?

The worst thing that can happen to you is to realize that you have unlimited power. That there is nothing outside you and everything is inside, waiting to blossom. The worst thing is to realize that you’re here to create your own life. Why?

Because you’ll have to face some nasty questions, like: what is my life purpose? What if I screw up? Who I really am? Yeah, nasty questions. And unavoidable too.

And, guess what: if you don’t accept that you have unlimited power, that power will not just vanish away.

It will still be there, but it won’t be used by you. The bad news is that somebody else is going to use it.

How To Stop Wasting Power

Let’s imagine for a while that you’re not you. Let’s imagine that you’re a house. And in the backyard of this house there’s this power generator, working day in and day out.

Inside the house there are a few power users. The lightning system, for instance. The fridge. The TV set. The computer. The heating system and the water system are also using electricity. And there are also power outlets which can be used by any guest which happens to be in your house.

Now, imagine what would happen in your house if the power consumed is bigger than the power produced. You get a power outage, of course. And your house is suddenly black. No lights whatsoever. It’s also suddenly cold, because there’s no heating. No running water also. Without power, your house is just a heap of walls and furniture.

The image of this empty house is the very image of yourself, depressed. Even the word says it: de-pressed, no pressure from the inside, no power to sustain the structure. Sadness is just another word for the blackness of your empty house. Water (or emotion) is not running. There’s no heating from the inside and you feel cold. That’s how an internal power outage is felt by us, humans.

But why this is happening? How can you be left without the power? Well, following our comparison, it all goes down to who’s consuming your power.

First of all, you may run out of power if you keep your tv set opened too much. Or your fridge. Or your heating system. One of your appliances is always on. In other words, there is some internal imbalance that’s eating all the allocated power. This is the trickiest of all reasons, because it’s not very apparent. On the outside, you’re looking fine, but there is this obsession, this thing inside you that’s consuming you day in and day out.

Second, you may run out of power if your generator is too small for your house. In other words, there’s an imbalance between the size of the house and the capacity of the generator. Basically, you’re trying to do too much, too fast. You’re not adjusting yourself to the environment. Your quota is always capped up and you run on inertia. That’s usually known as the “burning out syndrome”. We’ve all been there at least once in our life. Wether it’s a career we’re trying to climb, or some personal relationship that’s imbalanced, we’ve all been there trying to put up all the fires by ourselves. Eventually, we ran out of power.

And third, you run out of power if you let other people use your power outlets more than it would be healthy. We all have guests every once on a while and sharing our resources is one of the best ways to feel part of something bigger (and better). But every once in a while we stumble upon some “energy vampire”. A person so hungry for energy that it would be almost impossible to unglue him or her from that power outlet. In the beginning it feels very nice to be in that energy exchange. But if there’s n limit to this, eventually, you run out of juice. Again.

I think you understood by now how this wasting power thing works. Of course, there are more situations than the three described above. And, to be honest, you never find them isolated, there’s aways a combination of them, in some form or another.

So, every time you feel the cold, the sadness, the emptiness, the loneliness, the despair, the darkness, try to picture a house. It’s a dark and cold house, just like you are right now. But somewhere in the back of that house there’s an energy source. There is a generator that is now cut off.

Just take a step back, breathe and start finding the leak.

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