GTD Software Race – Close Run

There are a few good software providers that are also close followers of the GTD methodology out there. There are some good – although pre-release, or alpha – GTD software made by those people. The nicest thing is that every release of these software pieces come in the same wave. Once one launches a new … Read more

Digital Tools I Use

I want to jot down some stuff about the digital tools I use to get things done. This would be very sketchy at the beginning, and I’ll try to add more as I go along… As I already said, I was a Linux guy for about 10 years and I just turned to Mac several … Read more

Blog Alive. Why?

I managed to start this blog. Today, December 13-th, 2006. Finally. I already have my Romanian blog at, and that place should be enough for my daily – or maybe weekly ? – thoughts, impressions, opinions or comments about everything that comes through my minds. But, apparently, it isn’t. I needed this blog in … Read more