Midnight Inbox teaser

The guys from Midnight Inbox, the most polished Mac GTD I’ve ever seen (and this is about how it actually looks, not about how it actually performs) announced today a little teaser about what to expect from Midnight Inbox 1.1 version. Things are shaping pretty well, and I already saw some goodness, like “the dock … Read more

One million iPhone inquiries in US, while they are still negotiating with Vodafone for Europe

Well, I just can’t go over this without blogging a little: AT&T anounced a million inquiries about the iPhone. I don’t expect them to have a million buyers the next day iPhone is out, but the number has a certain marketing value, we must agree on that. If they will have at least 100.000 unique … Read more

The reality within: beating Sundays

We talked several days ago about the Reality Within, the way your memories and habits are dictating your actual behavior. Let’s make it a little more exact, let’s talk about a specific reality: the Sundays reality. You have inside of you all the memories of your Sundays: since you were a baby, since you were … Read more

Firefox on steroids: my 5 browser extensions for power surfing

I love Firefox. I love everything about Open Source, generally speaking, but I especially love Firefox. It’s fast, stable, standard compliant and cross-platform. I can export/import my old bookmarks from Linux into my new MacBook Pro without any hassle. I know that all the familiar websites I used to surf will look the same regardless … Read more

Quicksilver – searching address book contacts

Time for another Quicksilver quickie (sorry, couldn’t help myself 🙂 ). I mean, time for another Quicksilver short tutorial. If you haven’t read yet the other tutorials in my blog, I recommend you: Quicksilver: instantly create text files and prepend or append text to them, Quicksilver – blogging with wordpress by email, or the very … Read more

The Reality Within

All your habits, all your memories, all your knowledge, information and learned processes are forming a reality. Your reality. It’s your own interpretation of the world, it’s how you see things, and how you react to them. It’s what I call the reality within. Why “within”? Because, most of the time, this reality has nothing … Read more