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After my previous post, about my top 13 iPhone applications, one comment draw my attention to a specific web application designed for the iPhone. I haven’t been a fan for web applications, especially for the iPhone, mainly because my web access when I’m on the go it’s a little bit erratic, but, nevertheless, I felt … Read more

My Top 13 iPhone Applications

Later update: maybe you could also be interested in another related post, about my Top 13 iPhone 3G Applications. Yes, I know, I know, we all have our little brick stuffed with technology, we waited months for it (some of us, aware of the old Newton grand-father, could say that we’ve even waited years for … Read more

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Well, it’s been a while since I haven’t wrote a single line in this blog. More than a 9 months, if I’m not wrong. I have been very busy with the projects in my company, and also with some lobbying for the local Romanian market. Hopefully, most of this it’s done now, and, at least … Read more