The Spiral Path

Ever had the impression of going in circles? Ever felt like you’ve been there before and now you’re heading towards the same destination? Ever experienced deja-vu sensations? Memories form the past which are surprisingly real? I certainly did. Up until recently I faced those situations with frustration. Every time I was on a familiar life … Read more

How To Train Your Focus

How is your focus? Do you find it easy to concentrate for longer chunks of time or are you easily distracted? Do you enjoy doing the same thing at the same focus level over and over again, or are you easily bored? I used to think that focus is a function of pleasure: I can … Read more

June Mariner Promo Code

Ok, I’ll be really short: this is an exclusive promotion for eDragonu readers, and it’s based on exclusive promo codes. You won’t find these codes anywhere else on the Internet. It’s one of the way I try to reward my users, by arranging special deals with other value providers in the field. As usual, I … Read more