How To Write Compelling Content For Your Blog

The age of blogging galore is over. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have readers too. There was a time when the mere fact of having a blog would bring you an interested and sometimes avid audience. But now the field is too crowded and you really need to stand out … Read more


I lived in communism for 19 years. It was an interesting time. Seeing it from now makes it a little bit different, as in a lesson we had to learn, but at that time, being there and living it was pretty nasty. One of the things that were pretty common during communism was poverty. The … Read more

“I Can” versus “I Do”

“I can” is empowering, while “I do” is life changing. There is a subtle yet powerful difference between those verbs. “I can” will change your internal reality, will make you believe you are truly able to do it. But it won’t do it for you. It will always remain at the internal level, it won’t … Read more

Trip To Europe – Prague

We left Vienna around 3PM, after visiting a little bit of Schonbrunn and eating. Czech Republic is only 30 kilometers away from Vienna and so we got there pretty fast. The Czech border welcome us with a fine selection of night clubs and obvious signs about “new girls every night”. Other than that the cities … Read more

Trip To Europe – Vienna (last part)

After a well-deserved sleep in our hotel room, we decided to leave Vienna. First we had breakfast, and then we got up to our room, starting to pack. In about 35 minutes we were all packed, luggage in the car, and check-out completed. But we couldn’t resist to attend to one more of Vienna’s attractions: … Read more

Positive Motivation Versus Negative Motivation

What makes you move forward? Which are the most powerful stimulus for you? Are you doing stuff only to avoid potential dangers, or are you just curious? In today’s post I’ll talk about negative motivation versus positive motivation. You may ask now: motivation is just the power which moves you to do stuff, are there … Read more

Holiday, New Domain Name, Full Moon and Projects

Starting tomorrow we’ll go on a short holiday. While are still in Romania we thought it would be interesting to have a car trip in Europe, trying to take things easier and see as much as we can. We planned really loosely this trip and even the word “planned” is used in a quite inappropriate … Read more