Balls Of Fire

What happens when you’re in a hatred environment? What happens when you’re threatened? How’s your reality changed by this? What is your first reaction in case of aggression? The standard answer when you’re threatened is to respond in kind. To fight back. To protect yourself. Responding to hate by hate, to threat by threat, that’s … Read more Balls Of Fire

Make Your Blog Sail Like Santa Maria

Oh, you don’t know what Santa Maria is? If you’re reading this from the American continent, well, Santa Maria is the main cause you’re living there. 500 years back, a man called Cristofor Columb discovered what we all know today as America, with a fantastic sailboat called Santa Maria. It went from Spain all the … Read more Make Your Blog Sail Like Santa Maria

Do You Feel Your Life Is Blurred?

life blurred

I love taking photos. One of the things I really like about my camera is the manual focus feature. You know, when you slowly rotate your camera lenses until your image is perfectly clear. You go from a blurred, foggy image, slowly turn your fingers around the lenses, and voila: you have a brand new, … Read more Do You Feel Your Life Is Blurred?

100 Tips To Improve Your Blog

This post is a follow-up of my first “100 things” attempt, 100 Ways To Live A Better Life, which was absolutely a blast. This time, for your convenience, I grouped the tips into several areas: content, layout, plugins, promotion, networking and money. And if you’re into big lists, you may be interested in this one … Read more 100 Tips To Improve Your Blog

Action versus Reaction

Acting is what makes you happy, reacting is what makes you miserable. Whenever you act, you perform a conscious choice, you decide you’re going to do that thing. You become responsible. But when you react, you follow somebody else’s choice, you’re responding to an external stimulus. You’re not responsible anymore, you leave the responsibility to … Read more Action versus Reaction

September Mariner Promo Code

For those of you who don’t know, I’m running a year-long promotion with Mariner Software on this blog. Each month you’ll get an exclusive promo code, which automatically gives you an instant 15% discount on all Mariner Software products. I’ll get into details a little bit later, for now, I will just publish the promo … Read more September Mariner Promo Code