7 Personal Development Lessons – Kung Fu Panda Style

Personal development can be really fun, if you want to. I mean, it’s ok to write ambitious goals, to develop self-discipline and to embark on 30 days challenges. But all this can become really boring at some point. Being better doesn’t have to be all serious, grave and solemn. Life is also made of fun, … Read more

27 Ways You Can Develop Bounce Back Muscles In Difficult Times

This is a guest post by my friend Tess Marshall, @theboldlife. Loss, suffering and tragedy are painful, unavoidable experiences, and part of the human condition. We can’t prevent them, but we can approach life’s biggest challenges with openness and optimism. Prior to a personal tragedy, we may not know who we are, what we feel, … Read more

Why Less is Not Always More With Social Media Productivity

This is a guest post by the very fine Chris Garret, @chrisgarrett. There are some very good examples of less being more, in design, productivity, and so on. When it comes to social media though, this is not necessarily the case. I keep hearing the following advice Schedule your tweets to go out automatically so … Read more

7 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Social Life

This is a guest post by from my friend Bud  Hennekes. What does your current social situation look like? Are you surrounded by people who bring the best out of you? Or are you held back by individuals who just drag you down? Do you have an abundance of connections? Or do you constantly feel … Read more