Can You Solve The Puzzle Of Your Life?

As Bianca, my 4 year old daughter, started to better understand images and shapes, as she started to talk more and to understand more, we slowly started to play more complicated games. Lately, she seems to develop a rather strong appeal for puzzle games. We solve at least one puzzle almost every day. We started … Read more

A Guide To Pursue Your Passion With Success: 14 Essential Steps

What follows is a guest post by my friend Celestine Chua, @celestinechua. This is a great opportunity to be writing a guest post at I’ve known Dragos for over a year now, back when we first started actively growing our blogs. It’s amazing to see how everything has evolved since then. In just a … Read more

How a Two-Word Aussie Catchphrase Can Change Your Life Forever

This is a guest post by David Damron, @daviddarmon. When I was 21, I took a life changing excursion to the land down under, Australia. I took this voyage under the guide of the International Student Volunteer (ISV) organization with other American college students. We spent two weeks volunteering by doing conservation work with wildlife … Read more

How To Invest In Yourself (And Why)

Two years ago I sold my first company, a venture in which I invested all my energy and time for more than a decade. The assets I already owned combined with the value of the transaction put me in the position to be evaluated at over 1 million dollars. In our current society, focused so … Read more

Ebooks, Ebooks, Ebooks… and Friends

Running a mildly popular blog, like this one, has one very interesting advantage: you get to know a lot of people. Many of them are really great people, while some of them are downright wonderful to the point that you have no choice but to become friends. And every once in a while those friends … Read more