Natural Productivity – Introducing iAdd for iPhone

I’m really excited as I write this: iAdd for iPhone is live on the App Store [and that’s an iTunes link for the impatient one]. It’s been a long journey, but I’m finally there. 🙂 Why is this so important for me? Why is this not just another product launch in the day to day … Read more Natural Productivity – Introducing iAdd for iPhone

Minimum Survival Kit

minimum survival kit

I was a soldier in the Romanian army. For 6 months, I woke up at 5 AM each morning (except during the 6 nights of Romanian Revolution, when I didn’t sleep at all), I exercised and learned stuff that, fortunately, I didn’t have to apply later on. Except for one thing, that proved to be … Read more Minimum Survival Kit

How To Live A Scriptless Life

I bet you clicked on the link for this blog post only to find out what “scriptless” means, right? Scriptless? I think you know “merciless”, “brainless” or even “topless”, but “scriptless”?, what’s the thing with this word, after all? Well, I like to think I invented it (didn’t find it in a dictionary anyway). And … Read more How To Live A Scriptless Life

The “Ants” Situation

The other morning, just before we had breakfast, Bianca came to me shouting: “Dad, dad, come, you have to see this!” She doesn’t do this every time, so I rushed to see what was that all about. It might have been something really interesting. As I stumbled into the living room, I saw her on … Read more The “Ants” Situation