Mariner Promo Code – November Edition

We’re still in October, I know, but I decided to publish this post today, because tomorrow I will be “socially” silent. I won’t have any social media activity whatsoever, because I’m supporting this idea. So, the promo code for Mariner would be published today, but it will be available only starting November 1st. Many of … Read more

How to Assess, Decide, Do with Pen, Paper and Magnets

Since I launched my ebook “Assess – Decide – Do: Natural Productivity” a little more than a month ago, many people have asked me if they need an iPhone or an iPad in order to implement the framework. While the fact that I wrote an app implementing the framework, called iAdd, is true, equally true … Read more

Are You Copy Pasting Your Life?

Do you know what copy paste is? Of course you do, you must be reading this article on your computer right now (or laptop, or iPad or iPhone), hence you do have a moderate knowledge of how to use it. In fact, everybody knows what copy paste is nowadays. And everybody uses it big time. … Read more

What Is Rich and Happy

This is a guest post by Tim Brownson, @timbrownson. Writing a book entitled ‘How To Be Rich and Happy‘ means rather unsurprisingly I regularly get asked by interviewers, “What is rich and happy?” and I always respond by saying, “I have absolutely no idea”. As you can imagine, that is seldom the answer the person … Read more

How To Make Friends Online

Since I started this blog a few years ago, something beautiful happened: I started to travel. I had been a little bit of a loner before, even if I had my own company and all. For instance, my first trip outside of the country was when I was over 33. Somehow, travel seemed to be … Read more

Why the 80/20 Rule Could Make You Less Productive

This is a guest post by Ruben Berenguel, @berenguel. In this post I’ll explore some of the fallacies tied with the 80/20 rule applied to enhancing your productivity, as well as giving some possible solutions to its shortcomings. Read on, enjoy and share your view in the comments section! If you are anything into increasing … Read more