Playgrounds And Balloons

I was with Bianca at a playground the other day. She was drifting around, playing with as many toys as she can touch, the plastic, soft ones, being her favorites. Building a house out of plastic bricks, floating in a pool made by plastic balls and so on. At some point, an entertainer came in. … Read more

How Sleep Can Help You Become Better

If you came here thinking: “finally, there is one self-improvement technique that will allow me to sleep more and be great”, well, I hate to disappoint you. Because it’s not going to be about sleeping more. But it’s not going to be about sleeping less, either. Now you’re curious. I can feel it. Good. Curious … Read more

The Utterly Incomplete Guide On Monetizing Your Blog

Half of my life I lived under a communist regime. Among other funny things under a communist regime, money, or, to be more precise, the lack of it, was something pretty common. So, I started to learn the value of money very early, mainly by the absence of it. Why am I telling you that? … Read more

How Not To Feed Your Daemons

Everybody has daemons. And I’m not talking about those small, dormant, discrete programs running in the background of your computer (I know a few programmers are reading this blog so I thought to cut any ambiguities from the start). I’m talking about real, active and powerful forces which are acting in a disruptive way. Sometimes … Read more

How Does A Two Year Long Promotion Looks Like?

Two years ago I started a special promotion on this blog. It was a “let’s do it just to see if it works” kind of promotion between this blog and a Mac software producer called Mariner. Basically, each month I was releasing a special promo code, available only here, which will give to its happy … Read more

What’s Your Surface Test?

Lately, Victor, my 13 year old son, had some trouble in school with maths. When he asked for some support from my part, I jumped right in. We don’t live together, so we met in various places around the city, trying to accommodate each other schedule. By the way, that’s another advantage of being a … Read more