Why We Screw Things up

You’re not gonna believe me, but the only reason we screw things up is because we want to. Even more, we screw things up because we’re deeply convinced this is what we have to do. Breathe in, sit down and relax. You’re going to read something very difficult to accept. The Early Conditioning From the … Read more

Introducing The Forums On DragosRoua.com

I think I reached a certain level of interaction and activity which demands new tools. DragosRoua.com has an average of 100.000 unique visitors monthly and many of them are more than just visitors. Not only they leave comments on the blog, but they also send me emails or engage with me on social media. At … Read more

Taming Monkey Number 8 – The Outcome

The official name of my August monkey was “straighten up my finances”. If you came here by accident and you don’t really know what I’m talking about, go ahead and read the introductory post. In brief, I decided to ditch all my new year resolutions in 2011 and instead pick an “inner monkey” each month … Read more