So Far Apart

Ever being blocked in a store by a person staying right between the shelves? I mean, there’s roughly 1 meter between the shelves, and that guy, or woman is looking at something, not even knowing that you’re there. You look at her (or his) back and, without any way to get ahead, you start to … Read more

The Subtle Benefits Of Being Born In The Wrong Place

I was born and raised in Romania. For many years, I thought I was born in the wrong place. From a certain point of view, I still believe this. There are just too many things going wrong around here: we don’t have proper roads, our politicians are notoriously stupid and it’s almost impossible to get … Read more

How To Write A Successful eBook, Get A Publisher Deal, Reach #2 In AppStore – The Quick And Easy Guide

First and foremost, I have to tell you that this article has more than 2000 words. So, if you’re after the “quick and easy guide on how to write a successful ebook”, well, you’re in the wrong place. It’s not gonna be even remotely “quick”, and I have my doubts about “easy”. Sorry about the … Read more