Crowdfunding My Next Book Through Indiegogo – The Experiment

My next book, “Being A Digital Nomad” will be crowdfuned using Indiegogo. Now, I’ve said it. What’s Indiegogo, you asked? Hello there, alien! Because, you know, if you didn’t hear about Indoegogo so far, it means you’re from Mars or something. Indiegogo is the largest crowdfunding platform available now. If you’re more into the tech … Read more

The Hardest Run I Ever Ran

Almost two years ago, sometimes in July 2011, on a hot summer morning, here I am, on an alley in one of the biggest parks in Bucharest, all dressed up and geared up, ready to pick up running again. I have told myself so many times that I will start running and never actually did … Read more

WPSumo March Promo Codes

As many of you know, one of the businesses I’m building is about WordPress themes and it lives under the name of WPSumo. I call this WPSumo mega-theme (because it’s a mega-theme) a framework, because it gives much more functionality than just a plain theme. As a matter of fact, WPSumo is in itself a … Read more