Race Report: My First 48 Hours Race

Last year I signed up for my first 48 hours race, an event scheduled at the end of March, in Athens. It was an act of pure curiosity, to be honest. I’ve never done a 48 hours race before. And it also was quite well situated, from a time point of view, because it was … Read more

How To Be More Productive In 3 Simple Steps

II’ve been a productivity geek for years. The type that incessantly reads blogs about that, that knows all the techniques, frameworks and productivity apps by heart. I’ve tried dozens of them. Literally. In the beginning (like in the first 1-3 years), this enthusiasm brought about quite a bit of visible progress. I was able to … Read more

When Enough Is Enough?

I often see entrepreneurs pivoting just after a few months from starting their product. Pivoting means drastically changing your business model, as a startup. Most of the time, pivoting is seen as a positive thing. I met some entrepreneurs who took pride in pivoting several times their business over less than half a year. For … Read more