The Meaning Of “Zen Status” In ZenTasktic


One of the features I love the most in ZenTasktic is the ability to show you real-time stats about how “zen” you are. Or how “zen” you’re not, so to speak. In the previous article I presented you the ZenTasktic philosophy, namely, the acknowledgement of the fact that we’re living in more than one realm … Read more

Introducing ZenTasktic: Collaborative Task Management – With A Dash Of Zen

For the last few months I’ve been constantly working on a new project. It’s a collaborative task management app, based on my Assess – Decide – Do productivity framework. If you follow my blog constantly you already know about iAdd, the first implementation of this framework, an app I wrote almost 4 years ago (and … Read more

How To Get The Most Of Your Mirror Neurons

It’s 9PM, you’re sitting on your couch, watching a romantic comedy while secretly digging through a bowl of popcorn. The plot thickens, the two characters are separated, but, through their power of their will, a gentle struck of luck and the almighty benevolence of the screenwriter, they’re finally reunited. Oh joy, oh joy. Without even … Read more

The Real Cost Of Learning

It’s pitch dark, my soles are hurting like shit, the air that I breathe is scorching hot and I’m running somewhere in the middle of fucking nowhere. It’s not a nightmare. It’s my real life. I’m running the Ultrabalaton for the second time, a 220 km non-stop race around lake Balaton, in Hungary. So, technically, … Read more