Storing Blockchain Data In Synthetic DNA – A Disturbingly Possible Utopia

blockchain dna

Blockchains have been around for about 10 years, in the form that we know today – namely cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Steem. Although they’re part of our lives for a relatively short amount of time, as they are growing in popularity, so does the requirements for their storage space. Remember, a blockchain is a … Read more

Perceived Value

There is no intrinsic value of anything. The value that we attach to things, situations, beings or processes is all subjective. (In order to make this clear, I used the term “perceived value”, instead of “subjective value”, which may be too fuzzy for this context. I know that for many readers this can be a … Read more

The Population Of Actors

The population of actors in our formula can be defined -at the simplest level – by “a group of persons who can engage in interactions”. The Need And The Clinging Traditionally, the reason for interaction was defined, in the context of money, as the “need”: people interact if they need something from one another. A … Read more

The Continuum Of Interaction

Money doesn’t exist in and by itself, isolated from anything else, self-sufficient and immutable.  It’s a mental construct, but one closely related to another mental construct: time. In order to get a better understanding of money, we need to stop for a while and try to understand our relationship with time. (I know, it’s hardly … Read more