ZenTasktic – The Pivot


It’s always nice to look back at your life and see that some of your actions are still making sense, so to speak. Or, to be more precise, it’s nice to revisit some projects that you put on hold and get that feeling of “well, there’s something about this project, you know?”. That’s the feeling … Read more

Buddhism For Geeks – Initial Commit

5 years ago I started to follow Buddhism as a way of living. I don’t consider it a religion, so I’m not identifying as a “Buddhist”. There are more formalized ways to embrace this lifestyle, like taking vows and joining a sangha – something that will equal in the West with “becoming a monk” – … Read more

Remote Working In Spain

It’s been already a year since we moved to Spain, and I already wrote about the overall experience. In today’s article I want to focus on a specific area of the expat lifestyle, namely remote working in Spain. Spoiler: it’s better than you would expect, but with a few caveats. These caveats are turning to … Read more

10 Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Our Lives

Lately I spent a lot of time brushing up my programming skills. On top of blockchain and cryptography, which were already on the table, so to speak, I also studied artificial intelligence. I find this domain absolutely fascinating, but for reasons slightly different than the mainstream opinions on AI. To make a long story short, … Read more

The Chevalier In The Supermarket

The year is 1448 and the city is Berlin, Germany. Although the proper name, at that time, for this settlement, should probably be Berlin-Colln. An eclectic conglomerate of peasants, guilds members and freshly made aristocracy, where the second emperor of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, Frederick II Irontooth, decided to start the construction of his new … Read more