Normality, Reloaded


What you see in the picture above is my usual breakfast, from before lockdown. I used to go to a coffee shop called Flying Bean, close to the Belen subway station in Valencia, just across the street from the Chinese barrio. I would normally take a double espresso, as coffee there is very good. The … Read more

Free Time Anxiety

About 15 years ago I got into productivity, big time. At that time, my daily schedule was incredibly hectic: I was managing my own company, which was started in a chaotic country, on a very new and unstable niche: online publishing. I had to cope with a lot of unexpected stuff, and I had challenges … Read more

Can Consistency Be Bad For You?

The short answer: “yes”. As surprising as it may seem, and as praised as this skill is, persistency, consistency, or, if you want, discipline in a broader sense, can be bad for you. Let’s take a look at the longer answer, shall we? Consistency versus Stubborness By now, you should all know about the famous … Read more

Six Impossible Things

If I would to be left on a desert island, with only 10 books, one of them would certainly be “Alice In Wonderland”. Among all the things that I still remember every once in a while from this magical book, one dialogue is consistently popping out in my mind: the one between Alice and the … Read more

And The World Will Never Be The Same

When this pandemic started and the first national lockdowns were enforced, literally stopping the world in its tracks, a memory started to obsessively haunt me. It was about a novel, called the South Highway (link goes to the Spanish version on Amazon, not affiliate). In that book, a family traveling on a highway (the South … Read more