Gravitational Habits

gravitational habits

If you read my blog, you may be already familiar with the concept of reusable habits. In short, it’s about building those habits that have a better chance to be reused, based on your context. For instance, if you create the habit of aggressive budgeting, you may use this in any context where money is … Read more

Algorithmic Emotions

I was born in a very different world. I know, everybody at a certain age will tell you they were born in a different world and, to a certain extent, this will always be true. Each generation has its own specific. There are very clear patterns before and after each generational gap.  But when I … Read more

The Benefit-Cost Ratio Of Socializing

Going out, meeting people – the pinnacle of having fun, for the overwhelming majority of humans on this planet. Also called socializing, in some circles. I’ve been on both ends of this stick: the “monk end”, where I could spend weeks without seeing anyone, and the “people person”, where I would be surrounded incessantly by … Read more

The Money Diagram

One of the perks of traveling is that you get to meet other people. I know it sounds funny, but, as Sheldon will put it: “it’s funny, cause it’s true”. For the last 4 days I’ve been traveling around Spain (in Mallorca, precisely), and, after settling in, I finally got the chance to get a … Read more

Yes, I Can

While re-reading my blog the other day (an activity I regularly do just to keep things tidy, looking for broken links or overlapping keywords) I observed a pattern. It seems that I write a lot about difficult situations and about overcoming them. The most popular post on my blog is still 50 Ways To Start … Read more