Detached Shadows

We all have a dark side, wether we like it, or not. Most of the time, we don’t like it. But just because we don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It doesn’t mean it’s not part of us. If you really think about it, that’s how the light actually works: while it … Read more

Cloudy Weather

Each intimate relationship enlightens its actors in some way. The proximity of two people, being them two friends, a mother and her child, or a romantic couple, creates a magical light that shines upon both. Among all these intimate relationships, the romantic ones are probably be the most intense, because we all crave this type … Read more

Discipline versus Motivation

Discipline is boring. Discipline is not spectacular. Discipline is discrete, silent, hard and annoying. Motivation is exciting. Motivation is spectacular, shareable, inspiring. Motivation is exhilarating. Reaching any important goal in your life cannot be done with only one of these approaches, though. You cannot get from a certain level to the next one only with … Read more

Repeating Yourself

When I first read “Getting Things Done”, by David Allen, I had a few “a-ha moments”. Some of them grew into bigger breakthroughs that eventually became part of my routine, but some of them slowly faded away, despite the initial excitement. In today’s post I want to write about one of these forgotten – or … Read more

Overcoming Inertia

This is the 47th article from my 230 days of blogging challenge. Change is difficult. Change is scary. And every time we’re forced to change, our first reaction is resistance. We try to hold our ground. We stick to the old ways of doing things, even if we do understand, rationally, that we may have … Read more