2021 Monthly Recap – April

April was a pivotal month, a lot of stuff happened. It was the last month spent in Spain, as of May 1st I was already completely relocated in Portugal. Because of that, many of the actions and decisions during April were related to either gently finishing stuff, or to courageously starting new stuff.

During the first part of the month I was doing research for moving out, in Porto and Lisbon. The dominant theme was logistics: finding plane tickets, managing tests and best routes, gathering and processing information about housing prices, general cost of living, internet access and so on. I didn’t rent a car, so, once I was in a city, all the movement was basically walking, accounting for an average of 10-11 km / day.

One of the results of this activity was changing my mind about the city I initially chose: while doing internet research, I was convinced Porto is the place, but once I visited both Porto and Lisbon, I changed my mind. It wasn’t an easy process, because of the time pressure and the entire novelty of the situation, but, 8 months after, I am 100% convinced it was the right decision.

Although I traveled for two thirds of the month, I did have time to write some timely content that I revisit myself quite often, just to keep the focus on what matters. Short Game Versus Long Game is a good example in this area. Another one that I refer to very often is about the most expensive things in the universe, which aren’t diamonds. Spoiler alert: it’s stupidity. If you want to have a look at all the articles published in April, you can do it here.

The amount of new stuff that happened in April is unmatched during the year. It was by far the most eventful time in terms of physical experience. I discovered two beautiful cities, managed the logistics and paperwork for moving abroad (again), and experienced 3 different places to live in 30 days.

If I would have to define April in a single word, it would be: “relocation”. If I would to define it in a longer sentence, it would be: “going forward with confidence, while gently processing the past”.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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