2021 Monthly Recap – December

December feels like half a month. I say “feels” and not “felt” because we still have 2 and a half more days from it, yet I decided to write the recap already.

It feels like half a month for a few reasons.

First of all, it’s the first time in maybe the last 5 years when I took some holiday during this time of the year. Until now, I was always working during Christmas and New Year.

Second, the daily writing and publishing challenge became much easier (or predictable, if you want) since 11 days ago, when I started to write these monthly recaps. It almost feels like I don’t have to write anymore, since these recaps are way easier than a regular article.

And third, my daughter is visiting me for the holidays – another first – and that shifts the atmosphere towards relaxation even more.

But even if this month feels like half a month, it doesn’t mean it’s not relevant. For instance, during December I came to the conclusion that we’re already experiencing singularity, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Or precisely because it doesn’t feel that way. We’re not supposed to know something that outsmarts us, that’s how outsmarting works.

The rest of the articles were more or less personal, almost like plain journaling, with some exception now and then, like this Crash Course On Public Keeping Your Moth Shot (if we already have so many courses about public speaking, that is).

If I would have to define December in one word, it would be “pivoting”. If I would have to define it in a longer sentence, it would be: “shifting towards a new lifestyle, in an harmonious way”.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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