2021 Monthly Recap – February

Let’s continue the monthly recap of 2021. February was a slightly better month than January, on many levels. Each year, after the gloomy January, the new year processes are finally unfreezing and things are getting into motion. That’s what happened in February as well.

At that point, I already knew I was going to move from Spain (nothing about in the daily blogging, though) and research for new places was in full swing. I don’t think I wrote about that so far, but I had on my list the following places: Andorra, Barbados, Costa Rica, Colombia (Medellin) and, obviously, Portugal. Back then I was still convinced that Porto is the better choice. I eventually ended up in Lisbon, but we are two months before that.

In February I got over the Covid blue (there were still heavy restrictions in place) by immersing myself in tostadas, hence a post about the convoluted way to the perfect tostada. Also by taking actual steps against the boil-frogging immobility which was still freezing the world back then. I even wrote something about best defense being the attack. By attack I meant being pro-active in finding a better place to live. If you were also trying to read between the lines, you could have guessed what I’m hinting at – having blog posts about geo-arbitrage should have been quite telling.

In the second half of February most of the preparation for the move was done and the initial trip planned. The rest was just trying to find gentle endings to the activities that I was still doing (even remotely) in Spain. It wasn’t that difficult, because there weren’t that many.

If I would have to put February in a single word, this would be “preparation”. If February would be a sentence, that will be “firmly preparing for a profound change, without displaying anything on the outside.”.

Now that I think about, I guess this is also one of the major takeaways of 2021 for me: switching to a more private approach, loosening my emotional attachment on a public persona (and social media activities and acquaintances) and, generally speaking, becoming more unattached and flexible.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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