2021 Monthly Recap – March

March was a good month. In hindsight, it was the bottom of the downfall created by Covid, but at that time I didn’t know yet. At the end of March I started the research trip for moving to Portugal, a trip which segued further away in April. During all this time, not only I kept working for my daily job, but I also continued to write and publish an article every single day.

By the beginning of March, like more than 60 days into the challenge, a few patterns started to emerge. For instance, I realized that one of the most common types of articles were those related to how to re-ignite the week on a more balanced vibe. Hence, a new type of posts published every Monday, under the topic “Monday Moving Forward”. Some of the most interesting and fresh posts about that were written in March.

Another first was my initial experiment with NFTs, but for books. Looking back, just 9 months into the past it seems so distant. Since then, NFTs became really popular, with big corporate names picking up, like Visa or Adidas. Not much happened with my book put on sale as an NFT, but I didn’t expect much either. The mere experience of learning how to do this was worth it.

Also, in March I was still finishing one of the AI courses I was enrolled in last year, the one about Generative Adversarial Networks. This led to some interesting articles like Hacking Humans, which, later on, became the blueprint for a book called… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

There were many other interesting articles in March, if you feel like browsing all of them, you can do so in the Archives.

If I would have to put March into a single word, it would be “ungluing”. If I would have to put it on a sentence, it would be: “taking action and moving forward”.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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