2021 Monthly Recap – November

November was a pivotal month. Not necessarily in the “upwards pivoting” way, as expected after a very promising October, getting ready for a breakthrough on so many levels. Nope, it was more like “ups, you still have work to do, get back from the unicorn now” way. Like I wrote before, in November I traveled back to Romania for some paperwork and other loose ends that I had to fix. The paperwork went ok, the loose ends not so much, on the contrary. To add a little bit of salt on the wound, I got the news it’s not gonna work as expected on November 10th, which is my birthday. I wrote a few thoughts on that in The Anatomy Of A U-Turn.

In hindsight, though, everything happened for the best. There might be time in the near future to fix those loose ends, and I already started to work on that, we’ll see how this goes.

There wasn’t all gloom and doom, if I really think about it. I also got to organize and host (after more than 5 years) a live event, in Lisbon, based on a format I implemented years ago: Open Connect – The International Edition.

Other than that, November was a tiring month. Traveling back and forth wasn’t fun, and re-observing toxic patterns and behaviors that I thought I was done with for good, also not ideal. But then again, everything is useful if you think in terms of learning opportunities. Some lesson more expensive than others, but also more valuable.

In terms of writing, it was probably the most consuming month, because the surroundings changed so much, and I wrote in airports, in Aribnbs, and so on, sometimes waking up from bed just an hour before midnight, because I forgot to write for that day. Nevertheless, I was able to write a few articles that were on my mind for quite some time, like Countries versus DAOs or Selling Skills Versus Delegating Capital.

If I would have to define November in one word, it would be “disappointment”. If I would have to define it in a longer sentence: “adjusting to whatever life offers, and making peace with things not going my way”.

Photo by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash

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